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Small & Mid-Sized Firm Legal Technology Professionals

  Business Problems Addressed:

  •     Increased Competition
  •     Reducing Costs
  •     Risk and Security Issues
  •     Limited Resources

  Areas of Focus:

Applications  Business Management  Cloud Solutions Emerging Technologies  Information Governance   Leadership  Legal Innovation and Process Improvement   IT Operations  Litigation Support  Privacy and Security  Training  Marketing


  Sessions Include:

The Aftermath of Going to The Cloud   LEARN MORE »

Landscape of Information Governance for Small Firms   LEARN MORE »

I'm a CISO! What's a CISO?! Cybersecurity Management for Beginners   LEARN MORE »

And many more!  SEARCH ALL SESSIONS »

Innovation Professionals

  Business Problems Addressed:

  •     Talent and Skillset Assessments
  •     Innovation Ideation and Process
  •     Value Propositions and Definition
  •     Measuring and Benchmarking
  •     Strategic Planning

  Areas of Focus:

Artificial Intelligence  Blockchain  Data Analytics  Project Management / Change Management  Legal Innovation and Process Improvement  Leadership   Disruption


  Sessions Include:

Exploration of Chatbots in the Legal Ops Space   LEARN MORE »

A New Age of Legal Technology: Start Ups and Trends to Keep an Eye On   LEARN MORE »

Organizing for Innovation - (Innovation Series Part 1 of 4)   LEARN MORE »

Knowledge Management Professionals

  Business Problems Addressed:

  •     Keeping Up with Legal Technology Innovation and Developments
  •     Attorney Adoption
  •     Need for Improved Collaboration Within and Outside the Organization
  •     Understanding and Leveraging Blockchain
  •     Security, Privacy, Compliance
  •     Client Demands for Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness
  •     Data Analytics and Visualization

  Areas of Focus:

Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Data Analytics Information Governance Knowledge Management Leadership Legal Innovation and Process Improvement


  Sessions Include:

AI-Powered Knowledge Management   LEARN MORE »

How to Build a 2030 Intranet   LEARN MORE »

Enterprise Search Vendor Shoot-Out   LEARN MORE »

Corporate | Law Department Professionals

  Business Problems Addressed:

  •     Use of Inhouse vs. Outside Counsel
  •     Strategy, Selection, and Return on Investment for Legal Technologies
  •     Emerging Roles in Legal Ops
  •     Risk Management
  •     Partnering with Law Firms
  •     Impact of Cloud Apps on Preservation and Collection
  •     Improving Flow and Value of Information to Department Leadership Through Metrics and Visualization
  •     Security and Information Governance

  Areas of Focus:

Artificial Intelligence Topics Blockchain Business Management Collaboration   Data Analytics Disruption   Financial Management Information Governance Knowledge Management Legal Operations Litigation Support Security and Privacy


  Sessions Include:

Best Applications in Visualization Software for Legal Operations   LEARN MORE »

Non - Traditional Partnerships between Law Firms and Clients   LEARN MORE »

Training Up - Emerging Roles in Legal Operations   LEARN MORE »

C-Suite Professionals

  Business Problems Addressed:

  •     Impact of Technology Development
  •     Economic and Competitive Pressures on Corporations and Firms
  •     Start-Ups and Disruptors
  •     Partnership Models
  •     Collaboration with Clients
  •     Innovation
  •     Supplier Management
  •     Diversity and Inclusion

  Areas of Focus:

Artificial Intelligence Topics Blockchain Business Management Disruption   Leadership Legal Innovation and Process Improvement


  Sessions Include:

Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Industry   LEARN MORE »

What's New in Voice-Based Virtual Assistants for Legal?   LEARN MORE »

Demonstrating the Value of Knowledge Management During a Recession   LEARN MORE »

Litigation Support Professionals

  Business Problems Addressed:

  •     Litigation Support Business Models
  •     Cloud Transformation
  •     Global Regulations; Privacy and Data Security
  •     Talent Management and Career Opportunities
  •     Predictive Technologies
  •     Use of Mobile and IoT

  Areas of Focus:

Data Analytics Emerging Technologies Information Governance Leadership Litigation Support


  Sessions Include:

10 Litigation Support Tips in 60 Minutes   LEARN MORE »

Choosing a Predictive Coding Approach "Predictive Coding For Dummies"   LEARN MORE »

Pitch Your Lit Support Challenges   LEARN MORE »


Core IT Legal Technology Professionals

  Business Problems Addressed:

  •     Future Talent and Skillset Strategies
  •     Impact of Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Approaches
  •     Managing Increasing Depth of Application Stacks
  •     Attorney Adoption and Support
  •     Leveraging Technology
  •     Balancing Security and Usability
  •     Business Continuity
  •     O365

  Areas of Focus:

Applications ​Business Management ​Financial Management ​IT Operations ​Legal Innovation and Process Improvement ​Leadership ​Marketing ​Privacy and Security


  Sessions Include:

Look 'Ma, No Hands! - Automating User Provisioning to Eliminate Errors   LEARN MORE »

Eenie Meenie (Minnie) Mo - Office on Premises or Office 365.. Which Way To Go?   LEARN MORE »

Mobile Device Management: Not Just For Phones Anymore   LEARN MORE »

Trends in Service Desk Roundtable   LEARN MORE »

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