First time at ILTACON?

If this is your first ILTACON, make the most out of your experience with these resources!


Start networking with other attendees online. Follow us on Twitter @ILTANet and use the hashtag #ILTACON2024.

Visit the ILTACON 2024 Community (Login required). You are automatically subscribed to this online community when you register for ILTACON (adjust your settings).

Sign up for the Buddy System and be paired up with an experienced ILTACON attendee who will take you under their wing and give you the insider’s perspective on having a great ILTACON experience.


Scope out the educational sessions related to your job role. You may want to consult with your supervisor and team to ask what types of sessions would be most valuable.

Browse the list of exhibitors and think about setting up meetings with them before ILTACON. Pro-tip: our business partners host exclusive social events throughout the week, but you have to chat with them to get an invite.

Don’t miss the Sunday evening collaboration sessions and networking events to make some new friends and get situated.

Buddy System

We offer first-time attendees the chance to sign up for an ILTACON buddy. You’ll be paired up with an experienced ILTACON attendee who will you take you under their wing and give you the insider’s perspective on having a great ILTACON experience.

Why Sign Up for the Buddy System?

First-Timers: ILTACON is exciting, invigorating and inspiring … but it can also be overwhelming your first time. With the ILTACON Buddy System, a conference veteran will advise you on making the most of the educational sessions, networking events, and exhibit hall. They may even introduce you to other peers in similar job roles.

Veterans: Remember what it was like wandering into your first ILTACON? You can help make sure a first-time attendee hits the ground running and has a productive week. If that’s not enough, you'll be energized by the fresh perspective of a first-time attendee and fine-tune your leadership skills.

What You Can Expect

  • Receive buddy contact information between July 29 and August 2nd
  • Schedule one or two phone calls ahead of ILTACON to introduce yourselves, answer questions, and go over ILTACON basics and tips
  • You can plan to meetup anytime you wish, but we will hold a Buddy Meet up at 8 AM on Monday morning for those who have not yet had a chance to meet up prior.
  • Walk through the exhibit hall together
  • Meet for lunch, coffee, or during a networking event to check-in.

Registration for the First Timer/Buddy System registration is open until  July 19th 

Have Questions?


Tips from a First-Timer


If you think you have enough business cards, you don’t. Mine were gone on the first day. You’ll hand them out to vendors and people you meet in sessions. Take more than you think you’ll need.


Review the schedule ahead of time. Have two categories of sessions you want to attend: sessions you must go to because they relate directly to your job and sessions that sound interesting if you have time.


It’s not just about sessions; there’s a lot of value in networking with others to discuss suggestions and resolutions to issues you are experiencing. Don’t worry if you miss a session because you’re having a great impromptu conversation. You might get more from that talk than from the session.


Give yourself time to take breaks and recharge. Your days will be packed with sessions and social events. If you need to sit by the pool for a few minutes, do it.


Schedule 15-20 minutes every afternoon/evening to go over your notes. Review what you did that day and organize what you want to share with your colleagues when you get back to the office.


Attend the social events after hours. That’s where you get to know people. You don’t have to attend each one, but they are great opportunities to meet vendors and people from other law firms and legal departments.