Three keynotes this year!

Hannah Fry

Professor in the Mathematics of Cities

Monday Keynote

The mastermind behind Bloomberg's series "The Future with Hannah Fry" and esteemed Professor of Mathematics, Hannah Fry, will be appearing at ILTACON as one of our expert keynote speakers! Her explorations have taken her far and wide, where she has engaged with leaders in AI, robotics, chemistry, and technology. Through her extensive experiences, she has uncovered future technological advancements and their potential impacts on society. 

Jeff McKissack

Defense by Design

Wednesday Keynote

While all law firms are comfortable in the courtroom, most would not feel that same level of comfort in the emergency room nor the newsroom due to a failing in security. Today, those risks are enhanced pertaining to physical, data and reputational risks that can stem from internal or external situations, dramas, compromise or breaches, all with one singular thing in common – your people. Jeff McKissack, a noted authority in these areas, will help us better first identify what some of these lesser known but highly volatile risks are, suggested strategies in mitigating such risks, and developing that all-important paper or digital trail of proactive due diligence, regardless of what 'room' you might find yourself in later. This is about teaching you how to spot trouble 'before' trouble spots you and your firm.

G100/G200 Recap

Do you wish you were a fly on the wall at the G100 and G200 sessions earlier in the week? Don't miss this wrap-up to learn what technology and trends are on the minds of CIOs from G100 and G200 firms.

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