2023 Keynotes

Keynotes to kick off each morning!

Sara Ross
Founder and Chief Vitality Officer at BrainAmped

Monday Keynote: Sara Ross

reignite a sense of aliveness

Sara is on a mission to help organizations and their leaders reignite a sense of aliveness to reshape their work and refuel their life. She and her company do this by using brain science-based strategies to teach people how to amplify their vitality by strengthening their emotional intelligence, resilience, and well-being. As a recognized leadership expert, Sara's ideas and research have earned her a reputation as a fresh and thought-provoking voice in discussions focused on the future of work. As such, Sara is called on to work with clients such as Microsoft, PepsiCo., Cisco, Wells Fargo, T-Mobile, Rogers, Bell, Allstate, United Health, Fidelity, BMO, Stanford University, and as diversely as the U.S. Navy SEALs, among others. In addition, Sara has worked with numerous government agencies, foundations, and associations as well as guest lecturing in the executive leadership program at Smith College. This broad perspective and diverse experience help explain why Sara is called on to work with some of the most senior, technically sophisticated, and skeptical audiences.

Ken Salaz
Magician & Mentalist

Tuesday Keynote: Ken Salaz

bring the "impossible" to your work

Mr. Salaz is one of the world’s premier Corporate Entertainers. His astonishing abilities of Mentalism and Magic have been featured on National Television including “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, and the CBS “Early Show,” to name a few. His client list is filled with A-list celebrities (Jimmy Fallon, Howard Stern, Martha Stewart and Bruce Springsteen, etc), heads of state (Colin Powell) and fortune 500 companies (IBM, Google, etc). He is a unique and rare entertainer because he is able to provide a wide variety of entertainment including Mentalism, Magic, Mind-reading, and Pick Pocketing. His distinctive performing style engenders laughter, awe and wonder at even the closest range. Ordinary objects, under his influence, and with the closest scrutiny, defy the boundaries of conventional logic - a $1.00 bill changes into a $100.00 bill, borrowed objects levitate, and minds are read in the most astounding and sometimes comical fashion.

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Monday Morning Pre-Session Entertainment

Legal Bytes celebrates their 15th anniversary in a live performance at ILTACON! Be sure get to the Monday Keynote Session early because Legal Bytes will begin performing promptly at 8:30am!


Dr Rob Archer
UK Director at Cognacity

Wednesday Keynote: Dr Rob Archer

build resilience, improve mental health and sustain high performance

A published researcher, Rob focuses on the importance of developing psychological flexibility, which research data suggests has a major impact on performance, health and resilience. He has just led the largest research trial of its kind in this area and speaks regularly at international conferences on these topics.

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G100 & G200 Wrap-Up

Thursday Keynote: G100 & G200 Wrap-Up

hear what the top CIOs are talking about

Do you wish you were a fly on the wall at the G100 and G200 sessions earlier in the week? Don't miss this wrap-up to learn what technology and trends are on the minds of CIOs from G100 and G200 firms. Neil Sternthal from Thomson Reuters will moderate a discussion with Britton Choi, Rob Guilbert, Jay Nogle, and Kara Portwood.

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